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Science and technology innovation to accelerate the development of refractory industry

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Refractory material is steel, nonferrous metals, building materials in areas such as important basic material, is an essential part of high temperature industrial important support materials, high temperature industrial technology development to promote the transformation of refractory, refractory industry science and technology innovation, and the related industrial development plays an irreplaceable role.

Development of refractory industry has been developed from scale efficiency to scientific and technological innovation efficiency, more and more enterprises pay attention to independent innovation and personnel training, at the same time to speed up the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, promote the refractories technology innovation and technology progress. Refractory material industry new goal is to rely on technology to achieve product optimization, green and energy saving is achieved, and this requires industry took to the track of scientific and technological innovation driven as soon as possible, to realize the change of production country to the technology world powers.

In economic situation under the new normal, industry development is not only to the enterprise through the transformation and upgrading, improve equipment and technology to achieve intelligent, specialized production or services, reduce production costs, improve labor productivity, more to rely on technical innovation, implement green, refractory material, strengthen technology innovation and integration, cultivate new talents, stable product quality further, and the common progress of the high temperature industrial.

A, want to take advantage of innovation of science and technology promote the development of refractory industry, we should do the following, the first thing to vigorously promote independent innovation of science and technology, firmly grasp the strategic opportunity a new round of world science and technology revolution, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, to speed up the independent innovation ability of science and technology, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity, to speed up the construction of grand of innovative talents of science and technology, make the industry to form long-term competitive advantage, provide powerful technology support for the development of transformation. Attaches great importance to the application of new techniques, new technology, new technology, new raw material and renewable resources in the process of design and manufacture of refractory application, using new technology to develop new technology of energy saving and environmental protection, new varieties, reduce environmental pollution and alternative materials, promote the healthy development of the environmental protection industry.

Second, the technology as the core of value-added services as the main direction of increased market share and profit, strengthen the close cooperation with users, and pay attention to applied technology research, users to buy is not only a product, but also through products technical services, thus to provide users with technology as the core of value-added services.

Three, around the downstream users of new technology, new technology and new product development needs, research and development to adapt to the new technology, new refractory products, better quality of service, truly form the user demand driven village of refractory materials science and technology innovation and development.

At present, the development of the refractory industry road faces multiple trials and challenges, but as long as strengthening science and technology innovation ability, the refractory properties of refractory products from the past single pursuit to perform a variety of functions, more energy conservation and environmental protection and efficient product transition, to solve their own industrial concentration in the industry development, and the problem of resources reasonable planning catch the opportunity of industrial structure adjustment, intelligent development in an efficient, energy conservation and environmental protection for the connotation of the advanced green refractories, scientific and technological innovation drive, we will be able to better contribute to the development of the industry of high temperature, eventually to form a "carrier" cluster of refractory industry in our country, to become the backbone industry in the new century.