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“ALCERA“ VOC waste gas purification furnace is introduced

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As the country's emphasis on environmental protection, more and more areas to the industrial emissions are introduced corresponding standards; Requirements for industrial waste gas after a certain approach to harmless emissions. Our company is a professional manufacturer of electric furnace, in order to improve the service level, VOC waste gas purification furnace, is developed to form a complete set of degreasing furnace, sintering furnace, such as equipment, to meet customer demand.

The effect of VOC waste gas purification furnace: this equipment is dedicated to the gas containing organic binder without peculiar smell, smokeless purification treatment.

Working principle: volatile organic compounds by VOC waste gas purification furnace high temperature oxidation decomposition into CO2, H2O and other innocuous substances.

Place: may be placed on a side of furnace, furnace fine variety of location.

Exhaust way: chimney straight rows to the atmosphere or hvac duct


(1) the degreasing furnace

Degreasing furnace is a kind of heating method is used to make the internal work and mechanical equipment for removing the grease on the surface of the volatilization. Artifacts to remove the organic matter, but organic matter if not handled the atmosphere will cause harm to human body. VOC waste gas purification furnace and can form a complete set, can be after the treatment of waste gas in straight rows to the atmosphere or hvac duct, protect human health.

(2) the large capacity sintering furnace

After after the degreasing of ceramic products, is still a small amount of residual organic matter, but if the total weight for sintered products, reduced down or have more organic matter, this kind of circumstance also should use the VOC waste gas purification furnace.

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