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High temperature industrial furnace heat insulating varnish insulation effect

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For a long time, some steel mills use 12 tons of intermediate frequency induction furnace melting steel, due to the relatively poor working conditions on site, and electric furnace often overload operation, it is found that the coil on the surface of the insulating paint falls off and carbonization phenomenon is more serious, and coil often appear lighter, occasional turn-to-turn short circuit, leading to higher power consumption compared with the similar electric furnace of the furnace, melt and inefficient.

Saving energy and reducing consumption, improve production and create the best profit to enterprise, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. Steel mills to the technician, after consulting in details about the site condition to the other, may be the cause of this situation are analyzed:

1) coil insulation ability is poor, its surface using insulating varnish belongs to the conventional insulating paint, due to the use of electric furnace condition is bad, found at the scene of insulating paint falls off and carbonization phenomenon is serious, may be due to the following reasons:

Late a) furnace, furnace refractories thinning, radiation to the coil heat increases, the coil working environment temperature becomes high, ordinary insulating paint without resistance to high temperature performance, easy to be carbide.

B) electric furnace in the steel, steel slag splash into the induction furnace coils, insulating paint on the surface of the coil is directly.

C) molten steel from refractory seepage, direct contact to the surface of a coil, coil insulation layer on the surface of the damage. And as a result of the current varnish not high temperature resistant performance, not on the coil protection, leakage of high temperature molten steel easily wear the direct hot coil, coil on deep scar also proves this point.

D) coil environment atmosphere corrosion resistance is stronger, ordinary insulating paint can't effective corrosion resistant, easy to bad loss, loss of insulating ability.

2) factory of metal powder is more serious, due to the coil surface loss of insulating ability, dust adhesion on surface of conductor coil, coil short-circuit and lighter.

3) coil local cooling water leakage phenomenon, the absence of insulating ability in coil surface, conduction circuit, lead to coil is lighter.

Therefore, medium frequency induction furnace melting ability to drop, the main reason for the increased power consumption can be summed up in the surface of the coil insulation ability to drop, can not effectively prevent interturn short circuit, sparking coil, leakage current and so on. So to improve the electric furnace melting capacity, reduce power consumption and avoid unnecessary energy waste, must be to deal with the coil surface, make it has good insulation effect, and high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the coil is impacted by the high temperature has certain protective effect.