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ALCERA - high-end thermal insulation material manufacturers

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High-end quality products has always been the dominant direction of the products, our high temperature plate adopt Japanese production, raw materials and formulation to reduce the low thermal conductivity, stable quality the highest long-term use temperature can reach 1750 ℃, a lot of experimental furnace factory original heat preservation material imported from Germany are now switching to al hot plate, customers reduce costs and shorten the procurement cycle, the market share of about 90%. Al "brand has been synonymous with high-end thermal insulation material, has good reputation in the industry.

ALCERA - high-end thermal insulation material manufacturers

In addition our company has the ability of independent development, design and construction of form a complete set. In 2015, Japan's three big furnace heat preservation projects are completed by al design production, the current domestic well-known peer enterprises to reach this level yet.

A New Year has begun, the way of the future al the bearing the weight of the entrust and trust of every customer force courageously forward, development and production of stable quality products return customers friend.