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In today's society is analysed high performance refractories greater development potential

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Recently, the state council issued the opinions "about speed up the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, put forward to 2015, the output will reach 4.5 trillion yuan, energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China and puts forward strengthening energy-saving technological transformation, the implementation of pollution control of key projects, promote the park circulation reform, speed up the urban environmental infrastructure construction, to develop green building. Energy conservation and environmental protection industry development is fully staffed, can help to realize the ecological civilization, promote long-term economic growth, sustainable growth, and can improve people's living environment, improve the quality of people's life. Therefore, development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, is the road of sustainable economic development.

The refractory industry products are mainly concentrated in the low-end products, in fact have more use and high performance refractories development potential. High ability of material can greatly reduce heat loss, under the condition of meet the demand of working condition, on the basis of existing material, with the introduction of mesoporous technology, in order to reduce the shell heat loss. In addition, the high performance refractories to enhance the clinker quality using mixed material. Refractory quality enhancement, to improve the quality of the output of clinker production line, and expanded the space for the use of mixed material, by increasing the dosage of mixed material, effectively reduce the adding rate of cement clinker grinding. On the one hand, given the industrial waste residue, and on the other hand also save the cost of materials. Save fuel this year nearly ten thousand tce, reduce millions of tons of CO2 emissions.

Developing green refractories, realizing the refractory material without chromium (here not refers to the color of green, refractory material, there is a kind of ceramic fiber in the market now is turquoise, the fiber is chrome refractory material), the traditional upgrading refractory gradually replace, will significantly improve social benefits, create environment value. Refractory materials has important effect on the production and development of many industries, but at present our country still exists some problems that restrict the further development of refractory. More than ordinary products, for example, longevity and high quality energy saving products, high consumption of refractory material; Many small businesses high energy consumption, environmental protection facilities and poor working conditions, severe pollution. Aiming at these problems of the refractories industry, developing high quality, energy saving, long life, green type high performance refractories as breakthrough point.

ALCERA (SUZHOU) CO., LTD  production and sales of high performance refractory materials, high performance refractory applied more widely in today's society, superior performance and more easily accepted by people and use, the industry will have a better development potential.