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The chemical reaction principle of the experimental furnace gasification stage

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Atmospheric furnace fixed experiment, general with lump anthracite and bituminous coal and coke as raw materials, such as steam mixed gas or steam and air as gasification agent, production is main combustible component of gasification with carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas.

Solid fuel gasification reaction, according to the characteristics of production process in the furnace is divided into five layer, dry layer - on the top of the fuel layer, fuel contact with cold coal, fuel moisture to evaporate. Dry distillation layer - below the dry layer, due to the temperature conditions similar to retort, fuel cold decomposition, released volatile and other dry distillation product into coke, coke cold by dry distillation layer into the gasification reaction; The main areas of the gasification layer, gasification process in the furnace, carbon and gasification agent in the area of fuel's violent chemical reaction, in view of the different reaction conditions, gasification layer can also be divided into oxidation layer and reduction. Fixed experimental furnace manufactured gas, first of all make the air through the fuel layer, carbon and oxygen put cold reaction so as to raise the temperature. Then make the steam and air mixed through the fuel layer, carbon and oxygen, and steam cold and cold mix reaction to produce gas.

From the experiment furnace gasification stage of the chemical reaction principle, hope to steam decomposition and carbon dioxide reduction reaction conditions, so you can think: improve the gasification layer thickness and temperature is good, properly reduce the steam flow rate also is very good. In carbon and steam in the chemical reaction, increase the gasification layer thickness, reduce the air velocity, can make the reaction speed, and can increase the content of carbon monoxide, increase steam decomposition rate.