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“ALCERA“ 1720 ℃ high temperature furnace

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Institute of the high temperature furnace for my company to give a research and development of special high temperature furnace, use for sapphire, annealing, due to the process requirement, the furnace to meet the long-term working temperature 1720 ℃, customer demands for 2 weeks, 1720 ℃ heat preservation 2 weeks, the thermal insulation material and heating elements, high temperature kiln furniture, thermocouple is a major test, through the efforts of our technical staff, finish delivery of equipment, and so far the use time has reached a year and a half time, equipment operation condition is good, stable performance.

The equipment adopts full fiber thermal insulation structure, excellent into the exhaust system, ensure the service life of furnace at the same time, greatly saving energy consumption, reduce customer sintering cost, we have received mass production of customer orders.

Al is committed to high-end refractory insulation materials research and development production, at present, the company's main lightweight insulation materials, all kinds of high temperature furnace, high temperature kiln furniture, welcome to order