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“ALCERA“ corundum furnace

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ALCERA the inorganic materials (suzhou) co., LTD is a research and development of high temperature equipment manufacturers, every year spend a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, committed to the research and development of special high temperature equipment. As the power of science and technology innovation, from all walks of life is becoming more and more high to the requirement of high temperature equipment. Here is my company's latest research and development of high temperature equipment -- -- -- -- -- corundum high temperature furnace.

"ALCERA" corundum furnace

The furnace lining is corundum material (corundum has strong acid, strong alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, it is not easy reduction, stable in the condition of high temperature properties, etc), imported refractory as thermal insulation layer, so the design of the structure can prevent customers sintering atmosphere corrosion damages to inner wall of heat preservation material products, extend the service life of high temperature equipment. After we test data, when the furnace temperature reached 1600 degrees, the temperature of the furnace shell surface is highest do not exceed 60 degrees (thermal insulation effect is very good, can greatly save energy consumption). Furnace temperature uniformity of + / - 2.5 degrees (test data), and can meet the requirements of customers on furnace temperature uniformity; Furnace inlet and exhaust function, also has the customer can be set according to the different requirements of sintering product (before the 600 ° in the furnace inlet, is conducive to eliminate organic matter in products; after 600 °, stop the air intake, furnace temperature can rise quickly, high temperature sintering).

Corundum furnace is easy to operate, simple structure, safe and reliable, energy conservation, environmental protection, fine workmanship. Al the product, must belong to the competitive products.